WASP-X® Wasp & Hornet Spray New Zealand

Commercial Wasp Spray

Wasp-X is great for commercial use such as forestry workers, who are plagued by wasps where the nests that are hard to get at. Spray safely from a distance with Wasp-X!

Big 454g Can - Only $32.95
12 can box only $300!


When you need protection on the job CARRY A CAN OF WASP-X

Wasp-X Commercial Wasp & Insect Spray

If you’re looking for a commercial wasp and insect spray, Wasp-X® is an effective pesticide, quickly killing mature insects within seconds. Wasp-X will continue to work over time, killing returning wasps and preventing further nest activity. The foaming jet spray can hit a nest from 5 metres away.


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