How to Destroy a Wasp Nest

High numbers of wasps in your home or garden suggest that there is a wasps nest nearby.  If it is in a location that puts you and your family at risk it needs to be destroyed immediately.  A single nest can hold literally thousands of wasps which will swarm and attack if they are disturbed or feel threatened so great care must be taken.

How to locate a Wasps Nest

Look for the flight path of the returning insects.  The best time is at dawn or dusk on a warm sunny day, when they will be leaving or returning to the nest in large numbers.  Wasps generally fly in straight lines, so should be relatively easy to follow.

If the wasp nest is in the loft be extra careful when entering the roof space as they will consider you a threat and may attack.

Don't attempt to destroy the wasp nest if...

  • You think that you are sensitive to wasp stings
  • The nest is indoors
  • The nest is difficult to access
  • You cannot reach the nest without having to use a ladder
  • You think that you have a considerable wasp problem

Never ever.......

Use petrol or diesel to destroy a nest.  This is a potential fire hazard.  Wasps may also react violently to the fumes.

Why you should use Wasp-X to destroy a Wasps Nest

  • The jet spray can reach a nest up to 15 feet away.  This means that you don't have to get too close and risk getting stung
  • The range of the jet spray allows you to hit those hard to reach places
  • The foam immobilises wasps on contact
  • The foam penetrates right through the nest and the residual helps to eliminate it
  • The water based formulation is easy on plants and reduces staining

Where you can get your hands on a can of Wasp-X

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