Looking for the best Wasp Spray?

If you’re looking for the best wasp spray on the market, here’s what some of our customers think about Wasp-X®. If you’ve used Wasp-X®, please get in touch with us and tell us how it worked for you!

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I just wanted to flick you an email to say we have been using WASP-X for over a year now and how amazing the product is.

We use it at our beach property where my son has a couple of bee hives.  A quick spray and the job is done.  The spray bottle is light enough to carry in a back pack while up in the orchard.

We have also had calls from our neighbours who have had wasp nests on their tracks.  We have given them WASP-X to use they also confirm that it is a amazing easy product.

Carol Steen

Gateway Storage Just wanted to say how thrilled we are with Wasp-X.  We have used this in our commercial work environment and on a rural property, where wasps are a big problem.  Wasp-X eradicated the wasps quickly, with the added bonus of being able to spray from a distance, allowing us to keep safe too!

We highly recommend Wasp-X and thank you for giving us the opportunity to purchase such a great product.

Kerry & Graham Law
Gateway Storage, Silverdale

Great wasp spray for gardeners!

photograph of Santiago Morales

I would like to say what a great product Wasp-X is. It reaches the nest at distance and what is a bonus also kill the wasp fast! This is a product I will continue use for sure. It helps me in my job (gardening, tree work) to deal with nuisance wasps!

Santiago Morales

Effective Wasp and Yellow Jacket Solution

ScherZinger Termite and Pest Control in Cincinnati, OH, a family owned pest control operation in business since 1934, handles a wide variety of accounts including residential, commercial, industrial, and rental. Since its founding, its customer philosophy has been to offer the “fastest, most effective solutions” whether treating for termites, bed bugs, wasps and yellow jackets, ants, cockroaches, fleas and ticks or more. The company is very proud of its pioneering work with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Pest Management Association and industry-leading manufacturers to help develop integrated methods of safely managing pests.

photograph of Patrick Boland

“We converted our entire team from the previous product we were using to Wasp-X® and have been using it since.”

Patrick Boland
Technical Director

ScherZinger is continually evaluating the solutions it offers its customers to ensure the most effective treatments. Among its mix of residential and commercial accounts, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are common pests the company is called to eliminate. Patrick Boland, ScherZinger’s technical director who has been with the company for 13 years, said that these pests are a significant issue for customers from May through September and they are frequently called to address stinging insect problems.

About a year and a half ago, based on a recommendation from one of his suppliers, Boland implemented a trial of Wasp-X® Wasp & Hornet Spray, an aerosol adulticide that kills on contact and continues to kill with a foaming action that provides a residual activity to help eliminate the nests.

“After the trial of Wasp-X®, based on feedback from our technicians, we converted our entire team from the previous product we were using to Wasp-X® and have been using it since,” Boland said.

The jet spray of Wasp-X® adulticide reaches nests up to 20 feet away and he said customers have peace of mind in seeing the action of the product. “We’ve discovered they like to see the foam because it engulfs the nest and the problem is immediately gone. The stream distance of Wasp-X® is greater than with other products we’ve used in the past and the fact that it’s water based is another benefit,” he said.

Wasp-X® spray contains Etofenprox, an active ingredient that is effective on wasps, hornets and yellow jackets and has a favorable toxicity profile. It can be applied on the surfaces of buildings and surrounding structures and inside accounts in attics, barns, sheds, non-food warehouses, garages and mechanical rooms.

“We have found Wasp-X® to be a very effective product and have seen much better knockdown compared to other products we’ve used. A big thing for ScherZinger is the efficacy of the solution and our techs like its ease of use,” Boland said. “For us, that goes a long way.”